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Top 10 Of The Best Changing Bags For Parents 2021

Any new parent will know leaving the house without a massive bag full of nappies, bottles, wipes, dummies and spare clothes isn’t an option – and sadly, your favourite tote just won’t cut it.

The wonderful world of baby accessories can be a minefield when it comes to finding something that delivers both on practically and style – because why should you have to compromise on best changing bags you become a parent?

The 10 Best Changing Bags For Parents in 2021

1. Pink Lining The Wonderbag Rucksack

Pink Lining Wonder Bag Rucksack Style Baby Changing Nappy Bag

Best in show? We love the dalmatian print on the Wonderbag Rucksack. From Pink Lining, home of the ‘yummy mummy’ change bags, the Wonderbag can be worn multiple ways. The insulated bottle holder, here, is removable, for ease of use. The padded change mat is extra thick, making for comfy nappy changes, and plenty of pockets inside for organising all your essentials.

“The bag has lots of compartments, which is helpful to keep things stored separately and neatly and is fairly spacious. The bag has a fun and attractive design – lots of mums commented on it at various classes and playgroups,” says Anika, mum of 2.

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2. Babymel Robyn Blush Faux Leather Backpack Changing Bag

Babymel Robyn Blush Faux Leather Backpack Changing Bag

The best thing about this bag is how versatile it is. Made from vegan leather, it can be worn as a rucksack, shoulder bag, cross body or hand held thanks to an easy-to-use convertible strap. Also, it comes with integrated pram straps and seven pockets for all the essentials.

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3. Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station

Skip Hop Pronto Mini Changing Station

Sometimes when you leave the house with your baby, it’ll feel like you’ve packed for a fortnight’s holiday. Other times, you just won’t need much at all.

If you’re going out for a walk round the park or a quick trip to the supermarket, you won’t need to pack for every possible eventuality. You probably won’t need bottles of milk or snacks or multiple changes of clothes… just a nappy, a pack of wipes and maybe one spare babygro.

That’s where a portable changing station can come in handy. Just pop it in your pushchair’s storage basket or strap it onto the handle and you’re good to go – no bulky bag to carry around.

At just 29.21 x 3.81 x 19.69 cm, the Skip Hop Pronto is small and compact but incredibly well designed. It has a full-size fold-out changing mat, which Becca found ideal for putting onto those pull-down changing tables you find in public toilets, plus a small detachable clutch for independent use.

The bag contains one main zipped pocket and a large mesh pocket for storing your nappy-changing essentials, plus a keyring and zipped pocket at the front for your phone and keys.

Even though the Pronto does fit a decent amount, the more you cram inside the more the bag will inevitably start to bulge. We’d recommend filling it with one spare outfit, one pack of wipes and up to four nappies – you’ll just need to remember to top it up regularly with replacements.

All-in-all, the Skip Hop Pronto isn’t over-engineered – just like the Skip Hop Duo backpack, it’s simple in design but does its job really well. While this kind of changing station probably won’t completely eradicate your need for a ‘proper’ changing bag, it should make a great addition to your baby inventory.

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4. Pacapod Hastings pack

PacaPod Hastings Pack Backpack Baby Changing Bag

This is one of Pacapod’s most lightweight and compact offerings and consists of a minimal style backpack containing two separate, removable pods, one for changing equipment and one for feeding equipment. These cute looking pods are designed to hold every single piece of vital kit you could possibly need and the best bit is that each compartment (of the changing pod) is labelled with an easy to read symbol to tell you what it should contain so that if you’re suffering from baby brain, AKA life altering, off the charts fatigue, you can simply go through the motions of filling the designated slots with what they’re supposed to hold and be confident that you have packed everything you need.

The pods are removable so you can carry them separately if you want to, and keeping feeding and changing equipment in separate pods means that food and drink stays sealed off from nappy bags or dirty clothes. Handy features include deep, easy to access pockets, a keyring bungee cord sewn into the internal pocket (rooting about for keys with a crying baby is never fun) and an easy to open and close magnetic popper clasp, as well as an elasticated side pocket designed to hold a water bottle for you or your baby.

The bag can easily be clipped onto buggy handles with the included pram clips and an added bonus is a cute key-ring size pod that clips onto the outside of the bag, perfect for transporting a dummy or snacks.

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5. Bugaboo Changing Bag

Bugaboo Changing Bag

The Bugaboo Changing Bag comes in a number of different designs, and the colour choice also affects the pricing. The bag is well organised with plenty of compartments both on the outside and inside. It comes with a changing mat, as well as attachments that allow it to be hung on all Bugaboo pushchairs, with the exception of the Bugaboo Donkey.

What makes the Bugaboo Changing Bag unique are the built-in mounts in the shoulder strap. These rubber mounts can be hooked to built-in knobs on the side of the chassis on the Bugaboo Fox and Bee5, and used with the clips on the Cameleon3. Because the bag is then held further down on the handle, there’s no risk that the pushchair will tip over. However, you should never pack the bag too heavily.

The changing mat is spacious and has clever storage pockets on the sides, as well as a separate compartment in the changing bag so you can easily access it. On the outside of the Bugaboo Changing Bag there’s an insulated compartment, perfect for a baby bottle or food jar that needs to retain the heat. Because there’s both a shoulder strap and a carrying handle, it’s convenient to take the baby changing bag with you.

The Bugaboo Changing Bag hangs differently on the pushchair, depending on whether it’s combined with a carrycot or a seat unit. If the seat unit is facing forward, there’s plenty of space for the bag. If you have the seat facing you, or are using a pushchair with a carrycot, the changing bag is against this and partially pushed backwards. It works, but it’s not always very aesthetically pleasing.

The fact you can both suspend the bag from the handle and put it under the pushchair is very convenient. And thanks to a very well-thought-out set of storage compartments, it’s always easy to find what you’re looking for. The only downside is that the baby changing bag can’t be washed. And it quickly gets dirty when placed close to the ground. Other than that, the Bugaboo Changing Bag feels like a perfect choice for anyone using a Bugaboo pushchair.

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6. Skip Hop Mainframe Diaper Backpack

Skip Hop Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

A bestselling favorite among Babylist parents, the Mainframe backpack diaper bag from Skip Hop is utilitarian but stylish and has a place for everything. It opens wide so you can fill it with all the things, and it has lots of pockets—interior, side, tech, insulated and more. It also comes with carry handles, backpack straps and stroller straps.

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7. Allis City Plus Changing Bag

Allis City Plus Changing Bag


This may have a ‘changing bag’ look to it, but for the price, we couldn’t fault the City Plus. The waterproof fabric might not be the prettiest, but it was incredibly easy to clean and all our stuff remained dry while out in a downpour too.

It is a really generous size – definitely big enough to hold all our baby gear (and then some), and there are pockets all over the place, even one specifically designed for quick wipe access for those panicky sticky-hands-all-over-everything moments.

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8. Eddie Bauer Sport Back Pack Diaper Bag

Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Bridgeport Diaper Bag Backpack

Get ready for a trip with this rugged-looking, versatile unisex diaper bag backpack, perfect for short jaunts or longer day trips with your baby. The fabric is even water resistant. Very spacious and highly functional, the bag features two insulated interior pockets and a large front pocket. The bag has padded and adjustable straps, but it can also be carried from the top handle.

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9. JuJuBe B.F.F. Diaper Bag

JuJuBe B.F.F Multi-Functional Convertible Diaper Backpack

With a variety of gorgeous patterns, this one almost looks too nice to use as a diaper bag, but built in crumb drains and the fact that you can machine wash this bag means you totally can. The detachable straps allow you to shift from backpack to crossbody without the added bulk of extra straps in the way.

The bag comes with an included changing mat, but there are additional accessories — that you can find in matching fabrics — available for purchase if a coordinated set is your thing.

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10. Babymoov Baby Chic Changing Bag

Babymoov Baby Chic Changing Bag

You’re going to be amazed with all the bits and pieces that come with this changing bag! Say hello to a transparent pocket for nappies and cloths, a detachable changing mat, an adjustable strap, a removable insulated bag – say what?! We love this!

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How to choose the best changing bags?


Changing bags come with plenty of separate compartments and that is super handy for quickly and easily finding stuff like those nappy sacks. It’s also crucial to have lots of different sections in the bag so you can separate things that nobody wants next to each other, like your baby’s food and a dirty nappy.


A bag that’s robust enough to last the two or three years that you’ll probably need it is a plus. This is especially the case if you plan to have more children.

Changing bag style

It’s now possible to get changing bags that are genuinely cool, so shop around to find one that you’ll be happy to use every day. Some brands are beautiful and have a huge range.


Have a think about how you’ll use your changing bag. If you plan to use a sling or carrier a lot, then a rucksack might be good. If you will use a pram, something that attaches to the handles or fits in the section under it can make life easier.

Something you already have

As with everything baby-related, there’s a lot of pressure to rock something new and baby-specific. But if you have found a non-baby bag that does the job – lots of pockets, plenty of space and masses of comfort, then go with that. You can buy organisers online to slot into a normal bag and make it more baby stuff friendly too.


Once upon a time, baby changing bags were all pastel coloured and covered in cutesy little cartoons, so the only decision new parents had to make was whether to go for the duck, elephant or puppy print.

Thankfully, those days are gone. Now you can get roomy, practical holdalls that fit all your baby bits and bobs, without scrimping on style.

Whether backpack, tote or a hybrid of both, these bags are so chic, you might even want to wear them when you’re not out and about with your little one.


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